about us

Netizensbank was founded in 2016 by a team of online professionals looking for a smarter way to bridge basic web technologies with a "smart" bridge that would allow easy billing and invoicing.

Since Netizensbank roll out it has created multiple partnerships who are using or are planning on using it's "smart" payment portal bridge that connects their applications and products for simple and easy billing setups.

Netizensbank was created to solve a simple problem that was not being solved in the market place. Allow a singular portal to become a much needed "bridge" to many of the top payment processorts such as PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net .

Netizensbank's "smart technolody bridge" not only allows simple reocurring invoicing for your own clients, but also through a handful of other web technologies.

Netizensbank plans to continue it's growth through strategic partnerships with other web applications and plans to act as a "smart" payment portal for many.

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